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From Alaska to the very south of South America, I’m traveling mostly by motorbike to experience the land and soul of these vast continents. The details of the journey are anything but what I expected, yet the product is so valuable I would change not a thing. Here, I share the details and leave the product for you to discover.


There’s something to be said about the crystal clear mountain streams and pine forests that blanket the land in a freshness you can smell. There’s something to be said about towering mountains and glaciers so gigantic they markedly lower the ambient temperature for miles around. There’s something to be said for Patagonia because it affects […]

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After a fair amount of sweat and tears, I’m finally reunited with my motorbike. It runs super, and I couldn’t ask for more. Wow! What a feeling to be in the saddle again! Thank you to everyone who helped soften this expensive and emotional time. Your contributions and hugs kept me strong and devoted to […]

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I’ve ordered a new BMS-KP Control Unit from Max BMW in the United States. It has arrived in Santiago and is slowly making its way through Chilean Customs. The process takes time because import duties are assessed on shipments valued over $30 at a rate of 6% of the item’s combined value, cost of shipping, […]

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