An intravenous drip of news

Pause for beautiful things


If you could bag up all of today’s news, would it look like an intravenous drip of war, death, and uncertainty? It for sure wouldn’t be a healthy dose of love and happiness. You wouldn’t be left feeling better about tomorrow.

Staying current on the affairs of the world certainly has its price. It’s an emotional price paid in anguish. Wherever people are, fear and greed provide for an endless list of misery in the media. Following these headlines is a lethal injection of distress that I very carefully limit.

Being somewhat transient helps. I’m not always privileged to regular shots of the news. But when I do plug in, the news of the world is such a shock to my system, I need to balance the distress with an overdose of positivity.

I choose hugs.

I absolutely love hugs. With a big inhale, a hug is an infusion of goodness. It’s a reviving moment that stops time. And then on the exhale, the hug squeezes out all of the negativity, the anguish, and the misery we so regrettably subscribe to in life.

My hug tank has been quite full lately, and for that I am grateful! But when I’m not binge hugging, I pause for beautiful things.

Taking the opportunity to stop and witness something beautiful is the mental equivalent to a muscle massage! Those few moments of silence are just what we need to refocus on individual wellbeing.

Beautiful things happen every day, but don’t count on the media to be your dealer. It’s time to be your own witness to the beautiful things in life. And all you need to do is look… pause… and think.

Here’s your RSS feed to happiness; the updates even follow a predictable schedule.

No, I’m not talking about my blog. I’m talking about the sun!

The rising sun, albeit beautiful, is a show that starts too early for me. But sunsets! Oh sunsets! They are easy. Nature paints the sky in the warm colors of love, and the show starts at a very convenient time of day! Every day.

These are some of my favorite, beautiful “sun” moments.

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