Life has a way of teasing us with our most dedicated ambitions and then delivering an entirely unexpected path instead. This last year was everything but a motorbike adventure. It was an adventure of the flavor that tests one’s willingness to prevail. And in hindsight, I realize this is nothing new. I just happened to put the motorbike aside for this ride.

I have bounced around Florida and the islands from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas. I learned to sail. And after sailing, friends from childhood through high school made this visit a rewarding time. I thank everyone. You housed me, fed me, watered me, and welcomed me. You are all special people. Thank you!

Ironically, this perpetual travel stuff is not the kind of vacation I envisioned some 30 months ago. It is as much work and play as any other lifestyle. It is definitely not without its baggage. The truth is that we are people among people. Even a solo motorbike adventure involves becoming emotionally connected to the lives of people. In fact, I encounter even more people out romping around the world than I would while stationary. And these people are just as unpredictably awesome as they are dramatic. My only hope is that the experience gives me perspective to become a better person among persons.

Today, the adventure of the last year ebbs and the next leg of my journey begins. I’m riding north to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. And then I ride west to Texas for a last taste of the United States before beginning the journey to South America.

Despite the endless unknowns ahead, it is the confidence of a familiar bike and the dedication to ride on that has me excited and nervous and relieved all at once.

I will post as often as life allows. This hasn’t been often enough, and I endeavor to fix that. Please stay tuned and enjoy!


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