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Houston Gaymers


If you’re a gay or gay-friendly gamer in the Houston area, you should know about Houston Gaymers by now. This is a great group of people who share an equal interest in gaming and support for LGBT people. Their monthly meet ups are all about connecting gamers to gamers in a fun and supportive environment.

Membership is free, and you won’t be disappointed by the social events!

The group invades Thirteen: The Heights Bar on the last Saturday of every month. All major gaming systems are represented and available for play. The bar also hosts Rock Band on opposing giant projectors, provides a free billiards table, and serves a full lineup of drinks. Food is usually available as a fundraiser for the group or via a partnered food truck.

The first Monday of every month is the Houston Gaymers Handhelds Connect meet up at Les Givral’s Kahve. Handhelds Connect is for gamers who enjoy handheld video and trading card games. It’s a casual, fun way to meet other Pokemon lovers, Mario Karters, and monster hunters! The restaurant sells a fine selection of Vietnamese food and drinks, too.

Parking at both events is free. Meet ups start at 8:00pm and continue until closing.

Houston Gaymers also offers an ever-expanding social media platform for its members. More than a thousand gaymers use the private social network to chat amongst gaymer friends and connect with other gaymers. Learn more at HoustonGaymers.com.

I enjoy my time with the group and am grateful for the new friendships I make because of it!


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