Hollywood has ruined me

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Eric and I pulled ourselves out of bed early Sunday morning to witness the demolition of Houston’s downtown Macy’s building.

What were we to expect? A Hollywood demolition, complete with cool camera angles, studio lighting, and dramatic sound effects? No, but a countdown and an audible “FIRE IN THE HOLE” would have been nice.

Not at this demolition.

We tirelessly held our cameras to the air for fifteen minutes. Not a one of us knew when to start filming. Our batteries and data cards ran to their limits while we hoped to catch the event on camera.

And then, unannounced, a clap of noise erupted from the scene and sent the entire crowd jumping.

The Macy’s building stood unimpressively still. Unseen to us, its insides crumbled to bits. Only after a few followup booms did the outside cave inward and dust fill the air.

The crowd cheered.

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