An update on the motorbike


I’ve ordered a new BMS-KP Control Unit from Max BMW in the United States. It has arrived in Santiago and is slowly making its way through Chilean Customs.

The process takes time because import duties are assessed on shipments valued over $30 at a rate of 6% of the item’s combined value, cost of shipping, and insurance. And then an additional 26% applies to the item’s combined value, shipping, insurance, and the initial tax. And I think there’s another 1% tacked on for good measure.

This effective tax rate adds a third to the cost of anything I ship into Chile! All my stuff was stolen in Chile, and now the government wants me to pay extra to replace it (even though all the stuff will leave with me).

Well, maybe I don’t have to pay.

I’m researching a bit of wonderful information that can help me avoid the $330 import tax on the computer.

Foreign travelers are permitted to temporarily import articles that do not accompany them across the border. This includes stuff sent by mail. I’m in contact with an officer at the customs office in Santiago and awaiting instructions for receiving the exemption.

I discovered this information and the declaration form on the Chilean Customs website. If I can in fact import the $1100 computer without paying taxes, I’ll write a detailed explanation of the process. I’m sure other travelers have shipped expensive things into Chile and needlessly paid the tax.

Fingers crossed.


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