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From Alaska to the very south of South America, I’m traveling mostly by motorbike to experience the land and soul of these vast continents. The details of the journey are anything but what I expected, yet the product is so valuable I would change not a thing. Here, I share the details and leave the product for you to discover.

Welcome to Belize.

The border crossing from Chetumal, Mexico into Belize is often called easy and straightforward. Officials on both sides of the border speak English. Both countries’ border compounds are well-labeled and attended by mostly-helpful people. Still, any border crossing can go bad without some preparation, and individual experiences seem to very greatly from official to official. […]

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In the early hours of sunrise along the Stikine River, British Columbia comes to life, and I forget about my travels through Canada altogether. In half slumber, I put myself in memory’s shoes. A dense fog covers the ground and sky. I can’t see to make a bearing, but very clear sounds penetrate the thick […]

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