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From Alaska to the very south of South America, I’m traveling mostly by motorbike to experience the land and soul of these vast continents. The details of the journey are anything but what I expected, yet the product is so valuable I would change not a thing. Here, I share the details and leave the product for you to discover.

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If you’re a gay or gay-friendly gamer in the Houston area, you should know about Houston Gaymers by now. This is a great group of people who share an equal interest in gaming and support for LGBT people. Their monthly meet ups are all about connecting gamers to gamers in a fun and supportive environment. Membership is […]

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From beginning to end, this fruit is a project. Its bulk suggests a bountiful feast, but you would be wrong to expect a full stomach after eating this fruit. That is, unless you also eat husk. The pomelo’s thick skin and tough membranes result in a pile of garbage larger than its pile of edible fruit. […]

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