Today is a sad day, guys. My moto and everything in it (computer, equipment, tools, tent, money, passport, etc.) was stolen from the patio of where I am staying in ViƱa del Mar, Chile last night sometime between 5 and 7 am. The patio gate was locked, but the wheel on the bike was not. […]

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After a week of rain and cold in the Orient of Ecuador, my body is crying out for the dryness of a Peruvian desert. It screams to sweat instead of shiver. A hot spring would do. I’ve come to LOVE hot springs — even the nasty municipal ones. Today I’m trusting my gut and taking […]

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When I think back to six months ago (I was only a few weeks into Mexico), I realize just how much Spanish I have learned. However, I also realize that my caveman command of Spanish has plateaued to a point that I can get by quite adequately without much effort. I hold complete conversations with […]

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Waking up to a beautiful sunrise after a peaceful night of sleep is an incredible way to start another day on the road. It's also the perfect way to end a very challenging ride through the Andes. Thank you to Sylvain and Court from Freedom Bike Rental Ecuador and Christophe and Justin representing Overland Journal for sticking with me through the fog, rain, mud, and cold. We crept through difficult switchbacks and dense cloud to get to Salinas in the dark. What a reward for the effort! This gem of a town makes the best cheese, chocolate, and sausage in Ecuador. Thank you, guys!

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