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Why pay for a toilet when the river is free?

Mexico in general has such an archaic plumbing system that it’s a wonder why the streets themselves aren’t flowing with diarrhea. Every building uses a private cistern on its roof to store tap water. The water comes from the city on some irregular schedule, and so it’s very possible to run out between fillings. No […]

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2014-04-28 at 18-35-10 - IMG_5517

From children begging single pesos in the streets to luxury stores selling goods for tens-of-thousands, the way people change money in this country baffles me. For good reason, street vendors deal only in cash and coin. The things they sell cost the equivalent of dollars or less. Taking credit for fifty-cent tacos would seriously eat […]

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Geraldo trades a fisherman the beer in background for these three fish, builds a fire, cooks dinner.

The curvy road feels empty out of Puerto Vallarta. Except for a few vehicles in either direction, I ride in complete solitude at my own pace and with the freedom to enjoy the beauty around me. This ride is a pretty one! The mountains aren’t as tall as those in the north, and yet they […]

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