Riding the Texas gulf coast, not mindless after all

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Dave and I pointed our bikes in a new direction this weekend. We headed south and west to Corpus Christi along the Texas Gulf Coast. I think it was a prejudice against long, straight, flat roads that kept this part of Texas out of mind.

Or, maybe the smell of low tide is to blame.

After nearly 500 miles of some truly beautiful sights and wonderful smells (at high tide), I regret my “boring road” bigotry. Long, straight, flat roads are not necessarily “bad” motorcycle roads. They’re just not the typical technical road motorcyclists rave over at sites like

Motorcyclists absolutely covet twisty roads. The more twisty, the better. And few care that the roads good for technical riding tend to turn everything beyond the next corner into a forgettable blur.

“Mindless” roads, on the other hand, relieve the focus from cornering and open the rider to everything around the road. The view becomes the focus. It’s when the view is pleasant and interesting that a long, straight, flat ride is anything but mindless.

Don’t get me wrong. Long, straight, flat rides can be dreadful, too. The one from Denver to Kansas City is a forgettable blur of agriculture with a smell much worse than low tide.


We stand at the gates of a nuclear power plant


A coastline of shrimping boats and oil refineries


The most difficult task of the day was finding a place to eat that didn’t serve tacos


Ferry crossing


Riding the beach


Walking the jetty


Another pleasant view!


The sand roads near Corpus Christi are better than the paved roads of Houston — hands down


A surprise war ship museum in Corpus Christi


Children playing on the beach nearby the carrier


This picks cotton


This refines petrol


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