• The United States says hello by saying goodnight.
  • ... or a wine glass.
  • We wake to one very cold morning in the shade of trees and hills.
  • The road ahead points south!
  • I pose with Ben, Matty, and Jakob.
  • Don
  • IMG_3969
  • IMG_3979
  • Every color adorns the streets of Leavenworth despite the gloomy weather.
  • IMG_4015
  • IMG_4022
  • The crew in front of Five Spot for breakfast.
  • IMG_4051
  • Katie and Marie even make us hats!
  • Matty shakes rocks and rust remover inside his tank.
  • I show Ben how to change a tire with hand tools, ether, and a lighter.
  • Cleaning the inside of my tent.
  • IMG_4084
  • DSC_4912
  • DSC_4940
  • DSC_4955
  • I pose with Jakob, Katie, and Matty as we dance on the floor at Rplace.
  • Ben and Matty plan their route through South America.
  • DSC_4999
  • Mt. Rainier stands century over the park as day turns to night.
  • DSC_5028
  • Brian welcomes me to Spokane, Washington!
  • IMG_4183
  • DSC_5092
  • DSC_5111
  • DSC_5118
  • DSC_5122
  • DSC_5148
  • IMG_4229
  • DSC_5166
  • IMG_4265

My favorite photos from Washington

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