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Month 50 Overhead


September has me traveling from Bogota, Colombia to Quito, Ecuador.

Notable events include:

  • Traveled about 1700 miles
  • I stayed 16 nights in eight different hostels/hotels at an average cost of $12 per night; camped 5 nights mostly for free; and couch surfed in Bogota for 9 nights thanks to the generosity of a fellow adventurer
  • Eric visited me for a weekend in Bogota!
  • Eating and drinking in these two countries averaged about $11 per day
  • Fuel, tolls, parking, and insurance cost about $0.08 per mile this month
  • I bought a new back tire for $126 and a new horn for $25, and I spent about $80 to repair the rubber dampers on the bash plate in Bogota
  • And then busted them again on the way to Ecuador, where the BMW dealer in Quito repaired them with spare parts for free
  • An annual wellness exam (physical and blood work) in Quito cost about $200
  • One border crossing (from Colombia to Ecuador) was basically free except for $2 in color copies required by Ecuador

I'm a young man from the United States traveling the Americas by motorbike. I freely share my adventures here, and this wouldn't be possible without the generous support of my family, friends, and followers like you.

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