Before the hammer.

First day back on the bike and then this happens


As far as beautiful days go, today is one hunk of a beautiful day. It’s not raining, snowing, blowing, sleeting, or doing anything that could possibly make for an uncomfortable ride.

Today is just about as perfect as a day could get except for one problem: cagers.

These are the distracted car and truck drivers of the world. They devote their attention to other things while operating multi-thousand-pound hunks of steel. They eat, and they read. They text, and they talk. They daydream and probably even sleep if given the chance. Cagers do these things without any regard to actually driving safely.

Please forgive me for being so irate and derogatory; I’m still a little frazzled from a rear-end collision this afternoon.

Oh, it wasn’t a bad hit. I stopped for the stop sign; she didn’t. The bike and I are both okay. I think her front bumper even cleaned my dirty license plate. Her license plate has a nice fat dent in it from my pannier rack.

If she had devoted her attention to driving and following the rules of the road she wouldn’t have missed my neon-yellow helmet, neon-green jacket, and pulsing red brake lights. She wouldn’t have missed stopping at the stop sign everyone in the neighborhood seems to ignore.

I don’t ignore it because I’m not a cager.

Edit: Noticed a sizable dent in my right pannier. I see daylight though the weld, too. Nothing a good hammer and a few squirts of silicone won’t fix.


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