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In the debris field, this vent is hot and humid like a sauna,

I’m in Antigua for a few days, enduring the rainy afternoons and enjoying walks on the cobblestone streets. I eat breakfasts in the market from ladies who practically yell at me to eat in their stall. The market in Antigua is also home to the most abundant selection of tropical fruit I’ve seen yet. Star fruit, […]

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I can’t say enough about the amazing hospitality, food, and accommodations at Zephyr Lodge. Everything about the place — a full restaurant and bar, swimming pool, billiards table, hammocks — makes it easy to stay and never leave the comforts of the property. In this video, a group of us from the lodge take to […]

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Unlike the most popular ruin of Mexico -- Chichen Itza -- the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala are rarely barricaded or roped off from visitors. At most, a sign says not to pass.


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The pyramids at Tikal are my new favorite Mayan ruins. Palenque previously held this title over Kabah and even over the world-famous Chichen Itza for many of the same reasons that I now call Tikal the best. Set in the jungle and rolling hills of northern Guatemala, the Tikal ruins sprawl over enough land to […]

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