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Fog leaves beautiful water droplets on everything, including this winch.

Living by the ocean is a pretty awesome way to begin life. It’s also a fairly dangerous way to begin life. The ocean is like any other wilderness: it tries to kill you with its awesomeness. Look anywhere, and that pretty something-or-another¬†will cut you, sting you, bite you, bruise you, or starve you of life–all […]

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Brown pelicans in an aviary of the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary recovering from injuries.

Okay, so it rains in Florida, too. The weather isn’t all that great right now. Some of that cold, wet, miserable stuff from the north has crept into our tropical itinerary, forcing us to don winter clothes or stay inside. Spending all day inside the confining space of a 42-foot sailboat gets to be… cramped. […]

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The Sunshine Skyway Bridge from the south.

Florida’s Gulf Coast is just jam-packed with adventure, and we’re here to soak it up as the opportunities are right.¬†We sail when the wind blows, and we kayak when it doesn’t. We drive around my old stomping grounds to catch up with old friends when the rain falls, and we walk the beach when it […]

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Out for a walk on the beach with Dad.

Beach bums

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Sometime way past breakfast we walk up the street to Screwie Louie’s for breakfast. Imagine a restaurant with plastic tables and chairs, plastic dishes and cups, and cheap food. This describes the voted “best breakfast in Madeira Beach.” They forgot to caveat their boasting with “until noon.” We still wrangle a good bit of breakfast […]

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Beautiful first day in Florida for a sail.

You don’t complain much about “cold” weather on a beach in Florida when your frame of reference is an ice covered windshield and freezing temperatures elsewhere. You don’t complain much about a little sunburn on your face when the alternative is frostbite. You definitely don’t complain much when you spend the day sailing on a […]

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