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To the people who make my adventurous life possible, I owe you a great deal for your generous support. Family, friends, and strangers — I thank you. This journey would be less without you.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Thank you to Jeremy for your continued friendship and valued company from Las Vegas all the way to Moab Utah. You are top notch, my friend, and I can't wait to see you again in Pennsylvania!

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Thank you to the town of Escalante, Utah for your hospitality on Pioneer Day! The best part of your celebration: live gunfire in the streets!

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Thank you to the crew of travelers Jeremy and I ran into on the Bryce Canyon trail. You generously shared your lunch and fun stories from around the world!

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Thank you to Luke and Marian of South Africa for sharing your campsite in the sold-out campground of Zion National Park! Your stories of travel and adventure are so full of life!

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