Hotels line the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

When I arrive to Puerto Vallarta, I stop on the main street along the malecón to check my bearings. Eric sent hostel recommendations the day before, and I need to plug those directions into my GPS. Not long into my stop, a young man from a restaurant across the street walks over to say hello. […]

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The whole crew having a good time.

Two days and two nights into my stay in Puerto Vallarta, I finally leave the hostel. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to explore this great city before now. Things continue to come up that keep me in and enjoying the amazing accommodations of the Oasis Hostel. Living in a hostel for a week is […]

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Thank you to the Guad

Thank you to Club BMW Motorrad Guadalajara for dinner, beer, and a warm welcome to the Mexican state of Jalisco! Safe rides my friends.

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Playing in the water.

I wake the next day kicking myself for having been so paranoid. This is a beach. It’s not a drug farm. The people who live here subsist on fish and fruit like the islanders do in the Caribbean. A man walks up the next morning while I brew some coffee. He shouts a very welcoming […]

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